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Parent/Player Terms and Conditions Contract

Spring/Summer 2019



Spring and Summer Deposit Deadline November 9th for returners and 72 hours from receiving email for new offers.

Georgia Scorpion player and parents,


First and foremost, congratulations on receiving an invite to the Georgia Scorpion family! We are excited to begin our 2019 Spring and Summer seasons for the Georgia Scorpions. The Scorpions will provide opportunities for higher skill development, competition, and commitment to the game of Baseball.


Payment deadline information will be added to email sent with contract. Participation within the Georgia Scorpion organization requires commitment and dedication from all participants (head coaches, assistant coaches, parents and players). Attending practices and games are necessary to fulfill these requirements. As a member of the Georgia Scorpions, we will abide by the following rules:


1. Make all reasonable efforts to attend scheduled events (practices, games, and tournaments).


2. Provide his head coach with at least 24 hours advanced notice if he is unable to attend an event.


3. Treat teammates, coaches, and opponents with respect.


The Georgia Scorpion organization will do its best to provide advance notice of scheduled events such as practices, games, and tournaments as much as possible. Expect 1 to 2 practices per week on the field or in the facility during the Spring season, depending on the weather and upcoming tournaments. Once notified of a tournament date, all players are expected to make every effort to be available for that tournament and inform the head coach as soon as possible if they cannot attend.


*** Failure to attend scheduled events on a regular basis may result in the organization removing the player from the team without refund. While players are likely to play in every game, we do not guarantee minimum playing time requirements on our teams. ***

A one-time, non-refundable, deposit of $100 is due on a specified date from the Georgia Scorpions in order to reserve your spot on a team for the future season. Failure to do so will result in a removal of the offer list. If the existing player fails to deposit by the scheduled date, that player will be removed from the roster immediately and will be asked to tryout once again if chooses to return.

All players and their families agree to pay the estimated cost below *Uniform packages are not included in the fees below.Spring/Summer Fees:

$700 for 9U (Spring Season) (Anticipating 5 Tournaments)

$1,100 for 10U (Spring Season) (Anticipating 8 Tournaments)


$1,200 for 11U & 12U (Spring Season) (Anticipating 8 Tournaments) (Does not include Cooperstown fees for 12U)

$1,300 for 13U (Spring Season) (Anticipating 8 Tournaments)

$1,400 for 14U (Spring/Summer Season) (Anticipating 8 Tournaments)


$1,750 for 15U-18U (Summer Season) (Anticipating 6 Tournaments)

This cost covers team entry fees for all tournaments, weekly practices, any necessary field/facility

rentals, and team insurance.

Payment instructions will be provided by Frank Suarez.


Additional player documentation may be necessary for tournament qualification and will be requested on an as-needed basis.


*** While our registration fees are expected to cover all planned costs, additional fees may be required on a team-by-team basis for additional tournaments, travel, and other unforeseen team expenses.


*** Destination tournaments not on original schedule


In addition, lessons, optional Winter/Summer training, clinic sessions, and weight training options may be offered at an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Practice schedule:


Practice schedules will vary depending on the season of the year. Fall will carry a heavier practice and instruction schedule than the Spring and Summer. Spring practice will be for ages 9-14 only. Spring practice will consist of 2 practices (most likely indoors due to weather) to prepare for the upcoming season. Once the tournaments have begun, practices will vary depending on the specific week and tournament schedule. We promote rest on off days to recover from heavier tournament schedules during the Spring and Summer.

*15U-17U will not have designated practice days during the Summer season. Tournaments tend to go longer and there needs to be rest time in between. Practices prior to or during the tournament season will be at the discretion of each coach in regards to team preparation.

Last Updated on October 15th, 2018


Fees Due:


All fees are to be paid prior to the start of the season. Plenty of notice will be given in order to make payments flexible and on-time. If full payment is not made by the first tournament, your child, nephew, or grandchild will not be added to the roster until the entire payment is completed. No exemptions made on this policy.

We understand the sacrifice parents make to provide a competitive and enjoyable opportunity for their children to play the game of Baseball. In order for us to make this possible for our players, we need to have all tournaments, facilities, coaches, etc. paid on time in order to have a smooth season.


***Payment Plans (NEW Section):***


We will now set specific dates for payments to be made if you choose to do a payment plan. We will have 4 plans offered.

To set up please visit


All Payments must be made prior to 1st tournament. We will no longer accept payments in season. If you choose to send checks or call in amounts they need to be done before first tournament. If not, we expect full payment by 1st tournament scheduled. No player will be added to roster without complete payments.


Prorated Fees:

The Georgia Scorpions will not entertain questions about prorated fees, unless your offer is to

participate as a “pitcher only”.


“Pitcher only” consideration will be for ages 14U-17U. There will be a set fee per “pitcher only”for each age group.

The Scorpion staff understands that everyone has a unique situation due to family life and work, but we have made a commitment to everyone to participate in a number of tournaments and instruction. We understand work, vacations and emergencies arise, but we expect everyone to participate in as many tournaments as possible and all will pay the same fee across the board.


Future tryouts:


The Georgia Scorpions will host tryouts to add potential players before every season. We are striving to maintain an elite organization and want to make it clear that not all teams will always stay the same every season. Players will be added and potential teams may be created moving forward.


Players that are a part of our organization do not need to tryout as long as their commitment and deposit have been made by the announced deadline. All current players have been evaluated throughout the previous season and new players may be added accordingly to each team. If a current player would like to attend and participate in tryouts, you are more than welcome to do so. You will need to register and pay the regular tryout fee, as we are renting the park for the day and paying fees per player.


If you do not accept your commitment invite and pay your nonrefundable deposit by the designated date, you will be asked to tryout (and pay the tryout fee) if there is still interest in being a part of the Scorpion organization.




Uniforms will go through Marucci baseball. All order will be handled by Marucci Founders Club. Everyone is required to purchase uniforms through Marucci. Georgia Scorpions have no control on packages as they our governed by the Scorpions Baseball Club.

How to make payments:


It is the parents or guardians’ responsibility to reach out if you would like to set up payment plan to cover fee before season. If contact is not made in advance we assume full payment will be provided before first tournament. Failure to do so will result in delay of player to participate in tournaments.


We do accept Credit Cards and/or checks for payments. The simplest way to process a credit card payment is a provided “Buy Now” button (Deposit has existing link after commitment is signed and submitted), over the phone or by credit card authorization form provided below. Once payment is processed you will receive a receipt immediately to your email.

• If you are interested in making a credit card payment over the phone, please contact Frank Suarez at (786)210-1853 Between the hours of 10am and 6pm Monday- Saturday.

• If you would like to authorize the Georgia Scorpions to process a credit card we ask that you fill out the attached credit card authorization form. When emailing back your form to please provide specific instructions on the date and amount you would like charged. Keep in mind, all dues are to be paid by prior to the first tournament of the season. We can do 1 payment for full amount on specific date or multiple dates and charges leading up to the due date with your clear instruction.


*Also inform us if you would like us to keep your authorization on file or securely discard. *


• To make payment through mail:

please make check out to Georgia Scorpions Inc. 

and please send to


Georgia Scorpions Inc.

3 Central Plaza #336

Rome, Georgia 30161


**If you choose to send a check, please include the following in an email to us so that we may be on the lookout for your payment: Date check was
mailed, the amount of check and player name in memo.


Georgia Scorpions Inc.


Should you have any questions about:

Finances, Rosters, Uniforms or General Administrative questions, please contact Frank Suarez at

Tournament schedules, practices and pitching, please contact Heath Phillips at

Player experience, development, placement or on-field concerns, please contact Wes Timmons at


To officially agree to this contract and deposit please visit

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