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Fee schedule 2018

AGES 9U & 10U                                          $1,100 (Spring Season)

AGES 11U & 12U                                         $1,200 (Spring Season)

AGES 13U                                                     $1,300 (Spring Season)

Ages 14U                                                       $14,00 (Spring/Summer)

AGES 15U-17U                                             $1,750 (Summer Season)


*Spring 2019, we anticipate 8 tournaments for 9U-14U group.

*Summer 2019, we anticipate 6 tournaments for 15U-18U group.

*Deposits are to be paid in full.

Complete payment is due prior to first tournament in order to be added to the roster. Checks and cash can be mailed or be taken in person. For credit cards, please email us at for further instructions. 

$100 deposit due at this time.
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